Spend to the Cap

While extensive recruiting and player research assists the Taipans to retain a competitive roster, the Spend to the Cap Fund forms a crucial part of roster development each year.

Under the Taipans’ community ownership model, the organisation is yet to spend to the full extent of the National Basketball League’s $1 million salary cap.

The Spend to the Cap Fund is your chance to ensure the Taipans compete on an even playing field with teams in larger markets, which are able to spend to 100% of the NBL salary cap.

During the last two off-seasons, fan contributions to the fund assisted the Taipans to spend up to 85% of the NBL salary cap.

Every dollar contributed under the Spend to the Cap Fund assists the club to grow its annual roster spend closer to that of other clubs in the NBL.

Your support is viewed as a donation to the club, however we’d like to offer a unique piece of club merchandise—a Taipans Salary Cap—to those who contribute more than $100 to the Fund.

To contribute to the Spend to the Cap Fund, click here.