Official Team Poster

The Cairns Taipans’ annual official team poster has become one of the most eagerly anticipated collectibles for the Orange Army every season.

The team has seen various poster themes and concepts since its inception in 1999, from full-team shoots on location, to action shots and a mixture of high-end photography, post-editing and illustration.

Each year the Taipans print and give away more than 10,000 team posters at Taipans community events and after every home game, where two Taipans players are available to sign autographs next to FanZone at door 22.

A single oversized, signed and framed version of the poster is also produced and auctioned at the club’s annual dinner, “Hollywood Nights”.

Every poster includes the logo of the club’s major sponsors; contact us to find out more.



2015-16: Snake’s Lair

Team poster 2015-16

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The 2015-16 Official Taipans poster was developed with a mix of studio photography and illustration.

Photographer, Brad Newton, teamed up with local illustrator Harry Osborn to develop the larger-than-life Taipan as the focal point of the poster.

The Snake in the photo is a coastal Taipan, upon which the Taipans’ official logo was based. The coastal Taipan is highly venomous, so the shoot was conducted behind the safety of a glass enclosure, with the help of the professional handlers at Cairns Tropical Zoo.

Fittingly for the Aaron Fearne-coached Cairns side, the coastal Taipan is known as a defensive snake, but will defend aggressively if provoked. The Snake’s tan colour and flecks of orange fit perfectly with the team’s on-court colours.

Following this shoot, illustrator Harry Osborn pieced together the coils of the Taipan, with players photographed to fit around the menacing snake. Some final touches to make the court and stadium feel more like a snake’s ‘lair’ and the poster was ready for the Orange Army!


2014-15: Moving as One

Team Poster 2014-15

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The 2014-15 official Taipans team poster was inspired by an NBA finals poster, and was the most technically challenging shoot of the previous few years.

Photographer Brad Newton had his work cut out for him in photographing players in the correct position mid-stride, ensuring consistent lighting and natural positioning, while coaching staff watched on to manage the players’ workloads safely during a busy pre-season training schedule.



2013-14: Legends

Team poster 13-14

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Developed for the Taipans’ 15th season in the NBL, the Taipans’ “Legends” poster was the first to include fan input. Members were asked to vote for three club legends, the top vote-getters ultimately featuring on the poster: Aaron Grabau, Anthony Stewart and Martin Cattalini.

Later that season, Stewart and Cattalini attended the Taipans’ heritage round game and 15 year luncheon, and the three players signed a limited run of special print posters which went to auction.



2012-13: Year of the Snake

Team Poster 2012-13

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Developed in conjunction with the Cairns and District Chinese Association Inc, the Year of the Snake poster immortalises the 2012-13 squad as the famous Terracotta Warriors in the Chinese Shaanxi province.