Mascot – Joe Blake

joe-blake_su16a8lfi0lr1ue6vcl0y59chIntroducing the only two-time NBL All Star mascot in the National Basketball League: Joe Blake!

A fan favourite in the Cairns Convention Centre, Joe has been entertaining kids and adults from the sidelines with this edgy antics since the club’s early days.

Get along to a game early enough and you might just get to meet him outside the area, fang to face!

Proudly sponsored by Cairns Hardware, Joe Blake can be seen making regular trips to their stores stocking up on loud power tools to distract opposition players. Within the rules of course.

About Joe

Name: Joe Blake
Position: Mascot / general nuisance to opposition teams
Height: Shouldn’t we be talking about length if I’m a snake?
Weight: Heavy.
Did you Know?

  • Only NBL mascot to have been called up to All-Star game twice
  • Once featured on ESPN Sportscentre for crash-tackling an unruly spectator.
  • Favourite food is Crocodile sandwiches with a side of Hawk and Violet Crumble for dessert. Also partial to Wildcat or Tiger for a snack on the run.
  • Still has no idea what exactly a 36er is.
  • Won inaugural FNQ’s 50 Sexiest People 2011.
  • Came out of retirement in 2009 with a Michael Jordan-inspired media release reading simply: “I’m back.”